I personally recommend every freebie on this page – and I even wrote a few of them. Click on the italicized links to be taken to the opt-in for each of these freebies.  I have separated them by category and added a brief description for each one. They will all ask for your email address to subscribe. None will ask for credit card information. Don’t be afraid; it’s very easy to unsubscribe to an email list if the product is not for you!

What you will get here is a completely free product.  These are not scams. They are not gimmicks. They are wonderful pieces of information and great challenges put together by busy Moms like myself who own an online business.  If you see something you like, try it! If there is a freebie that you know about that I should try, send it to me. I’ll definitely sign up if it’s something that sparks my interest.

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Budgeting Basics and Beyond – Find the Money Challenge; A seven day email course designed to identify and reduce extra spending in your budget and help you find ways to bring in extra money.

Budgeting Basics and Beyond – Side Hustles – A list of my favorite flexible side hustles.

Functionally Fit by Katie – 21-Day Nutrition Challenge – A new way to look at your nutrition! Let’s take a step back and simplify a bit! I’m going to coach you through 21 days of changing your nutrition and your daily focus. Simply by focusing on 3 simple rules!

Functionally Fit by Katie – 5-Day Running RESET Challenge – Are you tired of running more and more miles and not seeing the results you are training for?

You will learn all the tools you need to be able to:

💜 Structure your runs

💜 What your Strength Training Routine should look like

💜 Nutrition Lifestyle Shift to help your body maintain muscle

💜 Learn how to minimize injury

💜 Find a plan that fits your busy life

Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Running Challenge. We start on June 17th and I can’t wait to meet you!


Budgeting Basics and Beyond – A list of my top tried and true DIY recipes.

Budgeting Basics and Beyond – Get Your Budget in Order: A beginner’s guide to setting up a budget.

Mom Life:

A Mom Around Town – An online directory that connects busy moms with resources and services that make their lives easier.

Mother and More – Simplify your day so that you can get more of those pesky chores done in less time

Embrace little mindset shifts that keeps you focused on the things that really matter

Prioritize your passions, put yourself on the schedule, and silence mom guilt FOREVER!

Strong Body Strong Momma – Diastasis Recti Cheat Sheet

Nutrition/Weight Loss:

Stacy Hobson:  SLH Fitness & Nutrition Coaching – 5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight this Summer

Tara Abel Fitness – Meal Planning and Prep Guide


Tulafit.com – Postpartum Athlete Resource Guide – 3 Things Every New Mom Needs to Know

Bolte Fitness – 5 Tips for Returning to Exercise Postpartum

Madison’s Momma’s – The Busy Mom’s Guide to Symptom Free Fitness

Strong Mom Strong Family – Busy Mom Fit Tips

Bonnie Lynn Black – Free Bodyweight Workouts!  No equipment needed. Workouts you can do on the go or at home during naptime!

Kara Coffin – Bespoke Movement & Wellness – 3 full body workouts for busy moms. Full body workouts you can complete in 30 minutes or less!

Functionally Fit by Katie – 20 workouts you can do in 20 minutes or less. Minimal equipment needed so you can do these at home even on your busiest days! Time to put excuses on the back burner and realize we always have time for 20 minutes!!

Heather Keats Health &  Fitness4Mums – ENERGIZE 5 day jump start for busy mums