Advanced Budgeting Kit

What do I get with this kit?

I will give you every single piece of information I use to keep my own budget as tight as possible. I do not keep my thermostat set at 50 degrees and I still have cable. I still spend money, BUT, when I choose to spend money on something, I don’t want to spend a penny more than necessary. That includes everything from clothing to utilities, entertainment and medical bills.

This do-it-yourself guide will give you the tools you need to become an Advanced Budgeter.

A Do-It-Yourself kit that will provide all of the information you need to get every aspect of your financial life in order.

This Kit Covers All Aspects Of Your Budget

Who SHOULD NOT Buy This Kit


Anyone who enjoys living paycheck to paycheck.


Anyone who prefers to always pay premium prices for entertainment.


Anyone who enjoys having a lot of debt


Anyone who is not concerned about wasting money.


Anyone who loves to complain about not having any money.


Not You? We’d Love to Help You With Your Budgets.

What will happen if I become an Advanced Budgeter?

  • Your money will be budgeted evenly and you can break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.
  • You will decrease your debt.
  • You will find great deals on entertainment, so you can add more fun to your life.
  • You will be able to account for the whereabouts of your money.
  • You will know well in advance if there is a shortage of money to cover needs so you can take action.
  • With your money well under control, it will be much easier to make decisions about purchases, both large and small.

Who is Alison and why does she know all about budgeting?

I am a mother and a wife who spent 15 years of my adult life overspending and being unorganized with my finances.  I overspent and got into debt in my hometown of Rapids City, Illinois, then my husband’s job moved us to Council Bluffs, IA, where we continued overspending.

I finally got tired of being so far in debt that we could not go on vacations or enjoy our hard earned money, so I started exploring the world of budgeting.  I tried a few different plans and got discouraged when I was not able to stick to those plans.  At the same time I was going through this journey, I worked in the collection department of a brokerage firm.  I talked to people who had lost everything (and then some), and it finally clicked for me.  None of them had a plan.  They were flying by the seat of their pants and often bankrupt in their retirement years because of it.  The key to managing your budget is planning.  You don’t necessarily have to stick to a strict plan, but you do need to be prepared for things you know are coming, and things that will probably come.  That covers a lot of ground and it took years to perfect my technique.

I have a passion to show and help others how I do this because the things I hear people say on a regular basis tell me that there are so many who don’t know what to do, but they want to know.


The Advanced Budgeting Kit will give you the tools you need to get your budget into shape, and keep it in shape. I guarantee that if you take the steps recommended in the kit, your financial life will become easily manageable and you will not be left scrambling to cover “unexpected” expenses.

I am so sure of the techniques that I teach in the Advanced Budgeting Kit, that if you complete the steps and do not see an improvement in your financial situation, I will fully refund your money for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.


This guarantee becomes null and void if the guidance from the kit isn’t working due to a major income loss, such as a job loss, divorce and/or death of a spouse/partner. In that event, I will give you one free 60 minute call to adjust to your new income.

In order to receive your refund, you must send me at least two months of your written budget and a written (or typed) summary of what did not work and why.

“Over the many years I have known Alison, she has never been anything other than honest, forthright, and dependable. If you’re looking for someone to help you set yourself on a path of financial security, it is hard to imagine a better choice. As she says, she has been there and knows what it means to be stuck in a financial ditch. She figured out how to get out of the ditch and, more importantly, stay out of the ditch. She can help you too.”
Rod Clouse

“Alison Rodden of Budgeting Basics and Beyond takes an often emotionally loaded and extremely personal subject, money, and injects compassion into the process of learning how to become debt-free and take control of your spending.”
Iyanna Jones