Find the Money Challenge

Starting August 17th, join me for a two week journey to financial freedom. 

You won’t see only my face.  I have several guest speakers that will be teaching ways to save money and ways to make money.

You will learn how to save money on big ticket items in your life like insurance and energy bills.  

But you won’t only learn how to save money.

 I have experts coming to teach you how to make extra money on your own time. 

Experts speaking on flexible income opportunities will range from selling on Ebay to walking dogs and driving for Lyft.  

If you could use some extra room in your budget, this challenge is for you. 

Class will be in session soon, so get registered now!

I want in! Let’s do this.

This Challenge is Not for you if: 

  • You want to give up every luxury item in your life.
  • You feel good about paying large energy bills.
  • You enjoy not knowing if your debit card will work.
  • You don’t think bringing extra money into your life is a good idea.
  • You love paying top dollar for insurance.
  • You don’t like learning new ways to save money.


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About Alison

Alison is a high school dropout turned college graduate and budget coach.

She attended a junior college and paid as she went.  Then she made her first large financial misstep by taking student loans.  Student loans can be okay, but not for a private college and a degree in Political Science. 

She graduated with a boatload of debt and college level knowledge of badminton.   A few mediocre jobs later, she landed a gig as a temp worker at an online brokerage firm in Bellevue, Nebraska.

She continued spending too much with credit cards, and rented an expensive apartment.

Fast forward several years.   Alison landed a job in the collection department at the brokerage firm.  At the same time she was experimenting with getting her own finances organized.

Failing at a strict plan, she refused to give up, and started to develop a different plan that worked for her.  Every day she talked to people who were in financial trouble.  The cases ranged from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands lost gambling in the market.

After years of fixing her own budget, and helping people at work, she was ready to start coaching.  She developed a budgeting method that is flexible and works for every situation. 

Alison left her job at the brokerage and started her own business as a budget coach, cutting the household income in half.  By using her own methods, she was able to generate an income while still being home with her school aged son.

I’m Ready to Start. Let’s Do This!

Still Not Sure?

 I paid off all of my hospital bills.  I finally confirmed they were ALL paid!  I’m so excited, I’m even looking for a car! – Courtney Great tips from the budgeting challenge has already saved me at least $100 month. I cut costs on cable, direct tv and my Xm radio subscription. I bought the kit and can’t wait to finally get myself in order. I only wish I would have had this guide 10 years ago. – Dianna

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