1. Take care of your mental health. A healthy head equals a healthy wallet. Does that sound a little silly to you? If it does, stop and think about the term “retail therapy.” As easy as it is to shop online these days, it has become even more important to avoid that budget pitfall! So do whatever it takes to take care of all of you.
  2. A healthy body also equals a healthy wallet. Does that sound even sillier? The two do not always go hand in hand, but keeping your healthcare costs down is key to avoiding financial disaster. Healthcare costs will likely be the biggest expense you face in retirement. Play the long game here and do what you can to be healthy. 
  3. Take time off to relax. Does this seem like the opposite of what you should do to maintain financial security? Think of it this way: What happens when you are burned out and tired? Personally? I get grouchy, take shortcuts, and am less productive. That results in more money spent on convenience items and being inefficient with work.
  4. Don’t be afraid to hustle. Seem like the opposite of #4? Well, it is and isn’t. You want to always have more than one way to earn money in case something goes wrong. Have a few side hustles at the ready as insurance. Need ideas? Check out the list of my favorites right here!
  5. Always keep learning. Some of my favorite things to use to keep the grocery bill down (along with all of my shopping costs) are rebate apps. Without knowing how to use technology, I couldn’t use them. And I’m always learning new angles because I read and listen to other people’s suggestions. You never know what you can learn!