1. If you live in a cold weather climate, make sure all of your storm windows are closed, and stop any major leaks of air coming into your house.  This can be done in under an hour.  If your outer door lets a draft in, buy an under door insulator from your local hardware store.  You can get them for $5-$10 and they hook right on the door. If windows are leaking, use plastic with a hair dryer.  Any minor expenses incurred will pay for themselves on your next month’s utility bill, and after that it’s pure savings.
  2. Make sure the air pressure in your tires is at the recommended level.  Most gas stations have free air, or at least inexpensive air.  Keeping the air pressure in your tires will help them to last longer and will keep gas mileage at optimal levels.
  3. Call an insurance broker to make sure you have the lowest rates.  Insurance agents don’t have the time to price shop for all of their clients.  Be proactive and make sure your rates are the best you can get. Don’t know where to start?  Fill out this form and I’ll have a broker give you a call.  
  4. Call to negotiate cell phone/internet/cable/satellite radio.  Any voluntary subscriptions you have are subject to unannounced price increases.  It is a huge pain to switch these services, but sometimes it can save you hundreds of dollars a month.  The best way to get a better price is to call and tell them you are going to cancel the service. Be brave, most of them won’t let you go without offering a better deal.  Stick it out.  
  5. Ask for lower interest rates on any student loans or credit cards.  It would be great if we could all be free of any of this type of debt, but the truth is, many of us are not.  While trying to pay off this debt, having the lowest interest rate possible is obviously key to paying down the principal.  This may require a refinance or a balance transfer (watch out for balance transfer fees and the eventual interest rate rises), but it could be very well worth it.  You won’t know unless you try!
  6. Cut the cord.  If you haven’t already, cut the cord on cable.  You can get live TV options with sports packages and any channels you would ever want.  I thought we were one of the last hold outs, but I know there are others out there. We have all of the channels we had before for half of the price per month.  I don’t know why we waited so long.  
  7. Start using rebate apps.  They are not a scam and they really do work.  I have a list of my favorites right here in the resources tab on my website.  
  8. Join the rewards program at any store or restaurant you frequent.  These usually don’t cost anything, and if you are loyal to certain brands, they can really pay off with in store credit or discounts.
  9. Get familiar with your local library.  Did you know that you can check out ebooks or audio books from the library?  Or framed artwork? Or customized cake pans? Or memberships to local attractions?  All libraries have different offerings, but all libraries have great things for free.  It is amazing the things you will find, including all kinds of classes and speakers. If you haven’t visited your local library for years, go see what they have to offer.  I guarantee they will have something you like.
  10. Follow brands you love and use in social media.  I have found some really good deals from social media sites on clothes, food and entertainment.  Many times on slow days or during slow times, businesses will post a social media only special to drive traffic to their website or storefront.  Be sure to take advantage! This is a great way to sae with local businesses who might not have other avenues for a discount.

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